About me

About me

Hi, I'm Jeani,  a 54 year old Grandmother and Mother of 6. Raising a large family on a shoe string budget meant, "Necessity" was the "Mother Of Invention". All meals were cooked from scratch as the cost of packaged products were out of my single parent budget. Originally my passion was for baking, I even owned a small, from scratch bakery. Over the years I began to learn about GMO's, Hormones, Pesticides, Stabilizers, Fillers, Artificial Colors, Preservatives, etc. I made sure to use only the finest, pure ingredients to create everything at the bakery from scratch. Creating healthier products through out the years grew more important with my awareness. However this wasn't enough. People suffer from cancer and underlines health problems while sugars and processed foods of sorts feeds and encourages such problems. I no longer felt comfortable feeding sugar sweets to people, I stopped baking and spent years studying and researching. I'm now a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and herbal/essentials geek. I no longer have processed foods or sugars in my home. I started body building to keep focused after the loss of my adult son in 2016 and competed in the 2017 Natural OCB Fitness Competition at age 50, placing 1st and 3rd in my division.

Taking care of our Body, Mind and Spirit takes 3 simple rules in life.


Dedication, Determination, Discipline.       

Now I'm excited to share my products and experiences with you.       

Enjoy !             


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